Constantly emerging, ever-stricter regulations such as PSD2 and the EU’s fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive; technical challenges such as real-time monitoring, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain; not to mention severe fines and the risk of serious reputational damage. Compliance presents a host of organizational, technical and financial challenges – and they need to be tackled faster than ever. At the same time, there are still the old “favorites” to deal with. To address long-standing issues like false positives, for example, companies are turning to new technical capabilities such as predictive analytics and machine learning.

To protect companies from the risk of fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing, modern compliance systems have to be able to support “traditional” compliance areas such as customer onboarding CDD, KYC, ongoing CDD, and continuous detection – but critically also be set up to accommodate future developments.

In this blog, we aim to:

  • Examine compliance from different angles and within a broader context
  • Provide information on the latest developments and regulations – and their impact on compliance
  • Clarify the concepts and terminology surrounding compliance
  • Show how modern techniques such as data mining, predictive analytics, and machine learning are helping to make compliance solutions faster, more reliable, and more accurate

Our end goal? To help you find the right route for your company, realize a return on your investment – and inspire new trust in your compliance system.