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Since the beginning of the Internet age Frank Erdle has followed the digitization as a journalist. His main focus is set on the topics of Digital Finance, Artificial Intelligence, security and sustainability. Erdle is not only interested in economic opportunities that arise from new technological concepts, but also examines their effects on society.

AI And The Revolution Of The Bank And Customer Relationship

Frank Erdle/ November 18, 2019/ Uncategorized

Digital assistants with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are on the rise in the financial sector.
One in three customers have no concerns using voice commands in banking. How a cutting-edge AI algorithm can lead to better control of sales management and higher business goals.

Artificial Intelligence: a milestone for compliance management

Frank Erdle/ July 1, 2019/ Uncategorized

The fight against fraud, money laundering and sanctions violations is becoming increasingly difficult. Machine learning enables financial institutions to detect suspicious transactions, reduce false-positives, and avoid the risk of penalties. The risk of abuse by criminal organizations is higher than ever for banks and other financial service providers. Tax evasion and bribery are committed primarily in addition to embezzlement of

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