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Uwe Henkelmann is product manager with targens and responsible for the topic of transaction monitoring. He is also in charge of the products SMARAGD MDS and SMARAGD CBM and he has been furthermore supporting numerous financial institutes since 2003 when it comes to the topics of AML and correspondent bank monitoring. In order to sustain the further development of transaction monitoring systems he sets his focus on “Know Your Transaction” and on the implementation of AI-procedures for the identification of new money laundering and fraud patterns.

KYT is the Future of KYC

Uwe Henkelmann/ September 25, 2019/ Uncategorized

KYC is a central element in the customer onboarding process and the risk-based transaction monitoring. But how effective is KYC really for efficient transaction monitoring? The content of transaction data is often poorly suited to fully understand what the transaction is about. A closer look into how to better understand your transactions.