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Wolfgang Kloiber is responsible for the care of industrial customers at targens GmbH as Sales Manager Compliance Solutions. He has years of experience in the field of compliance management tools as well as the training and communication of compliance content. He uses this sound expertise for the benefit of the customers. After studying humanities in Würzburg, Berlin and Cambridge, he initially worked as a business coach and trainer, then as a consultant in the areas of personnel recruitment and personnel development.

Compliance in Industry – Obligation or Opportunity?

Wolfgang Kloiber/ March 19, 2019/ Uncategorized

Compliance in Industry Strict regulations and laws such as in the financial sector – think of the money laundering guidelines or anti-terrorism regulations – do not yet exist for the industry. Regulations are relaxed, which unfortunately takes its revenge in some cases. ThyssenKrupp for example had to pay penalties for price-fixing in the amount of over 900 million euros. Other

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